Hi, I am a graphic designer experienced in political communication, nonprofit advocacy, and the public sector. I have been creating static and motion graphics for half a decade, working in highly collaborative environments. I am currently helping teams raising funds for democratic campaigns and major nonprofits through visual communication.

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When advocating for issues that matter to clients by evoking emotional response using powerful graphics, appealing to the intellectual side by using data, and presenting urgency are keys to visual communication. I created graphics for email and social media campaigns that raised millions for our clients. 


information architecture

is one of the most critical aspects of visual communication that can make a real difference. The way we present our information directly affects the campaigns' efficiency in informing and educating the public. It can involve just a clear presentation of information, data visualization, engaging illustrations, 
or all of the above.



I'm a highly collaborative, experienced agency designer with extensive experience working in teams for short term or long term projects. I understand what it takes to be a part of a project that requires a combination of different sets of skills and team members coming together to work toward a larger goal.



I have been working as a senior designer in political communication and nonprofit advocacy for the past three years, with my current firm, Anne Lewis Strategies in Washington D.C. I have been raising funds through two election seasons, including Biden for President campaign until July of 2020, Reverend Warnock for Senate campaign, and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's (DSCC) work to flip the Senate for Democrats. 


Before this, I've worked in Throughline, Inc., D.C., on government contracts such as the U.S. Navy and public sector such as USPS supporting senior designers. 

I have also done freelance work with clients, including the Washington Post and Gunster Strategies Worldwide.

I graduated from the design and illustration program at Montgomery College in Maryland. I also got a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Maryland, which informs how I design my data visualization and infographics. 

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